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Participating in research is one of the most powerful things you can do to be part of tomorrow's health care breakthroughs. UT Southwestern is always looking for people who are willing to participate in studies so that our researchers can better understand how to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases and conditions.

Use this StudyFinder website to quickly and easily identify UT Southwestern studies that need volunteers. Every study is different – some need healthy volunteers, while others are looking for people with a specific condition – so we've created search filters to help you find the study that's right for you. You can also filter by age and search by keyword to find studies focused on specific conditions and diseases.

By getting involved with research, you can help transform the lives of millions.

Research at the UT Southwestern Medical Center

The UT Southwestern Medical Center has research studies on a wide range of health issues, from cancer and diabetes to prevention and women's health.

Every study is different. Some studies are looking for people with certain conditions, while others are open to healthy volunteers. Some studies involve visits to a clinic, while others can be done online.

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More ways to get involved

Join a national registry! connects volunteers with research studies across the country. Volunteers of any age, race, ethnicity, or health status are invited to join. Log on, register, and receive emails when studies might be a good fit for you.